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    Jatigede, a Momentum of Increasing Fish Consumption in West Java


    BANDUNG-The existence of Jatigede reservoir can be a momentum of increasing fish consumption in West Java. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in Bandung says that fish consumption per capita in West Java particularly and Indonesia generally is relative low.

    In West Java, the data consumption in 2014 reached 24 kg per capita/year and this year is targeted to 27 kg per capita/year. The ideal consumption based on WHO (World Health Organization) standard of 36 kg per year, while the production of freshwater fish and marine fish in West Java including the largest in Indonesia.

    “Next, if Jatigede reservoir has been completed, we will process the surrounding with facilities ranging from jogging track, berths small boats, lodging, and restaurants. So that people can consume their inducement results and also purchase fish directly in the restaurant. It aimed to increase the public fish consumption gradually,” he said in Bandung, Sunday (20/12).

    Aher revealed, in addition to short-term strategic function, the reservoir has a strategic function to increase fish consumption by becoming new centres of freshwater fish and marine fish production.
    "I always demonstrate that the one cow production can only produces one baby cow and it can only be slaughtered 18 months later. But it different with fish, for examples 1 kg of goldfish can produce to 100,000 seedlings,” he said.

    Aher said West Java people unfamiliar eating fish and they are dominant consume the red meat (chicken, beef, goat, and buffalo). Ironically, the country who dominant consume fish was Japan which incidentally not a producer of freshwater fish and marine fish.

    "We have to turn it, we are the largest region in fish producing but Japan became the f connoisseurs it. West Java had to be the largest producers and connoisseurs of fish in Indonesia," he said by stressing thus the importance of animal protein intake for the community.

    Governor of West Java continues that these reservoir will open a wide space in consumption freshwater fish and marine fish when it fully ready in operation.

    Moreover, though increasingly attracting visitors, the provincial government as the recipient of this national project has been proposed to the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing in completing the project facilities such as a jogging track along tens kilometres, which also can be used by motorcycle or mountain bike.

    According to him, after sowing the seeds when the first flooding last August 31, 2015, the communities has ever obtain a fish weighing 300 grams on last August.

    Fish can consume many natural plankton obtained at the location of flooding reservoir that previously contained a number of trees before it flooded.

    "For this reason, we will continue to make sure no floating cages in Jatigede because the cage was rolling the society economy but at the same time damaging the environment. I've been coordinating with Sumedang regency, BBWS, Police until village supervisory non-commissioned officer (Babinsa) to make sure there are no cages floating in," he concluded.

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