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    Hundreds of Migrant Workers from West Java 'Ngabuburit' in Jeddah Consul General


    JEDDAH-Gedung Wisma Nusantara Consulate General of Indonesia in Jeddah, Friday (9/6/17) afternoon local time, crowded by hundreds of migrant workers from West Java. They flocked to attend the iftar with the Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan with entourage from the Board of Directors of Bank bjb, the board of the Association of Economic Bachelor (ISEI) West Java, ASKRIDA and representatives from the Faculty of Economics Unpad.

    The Governor of West Java, Aher, who was present on the sidelines of umroh worship was asked to give advice to the migrant workers of West Java, he said the importance of always upholding the culture of the Sundanese people who are always friendly and clever to entrust themselves, "Kudu someah, cing hade akhlakna jeung pinter nitipkeun diri, "Aher's message.

    President Director of Bank bjb Ahmad Irfan said that the bjb bank, which is the initiator of the breaking event, took advantage of its opportunity to promote its attractive products, special packages for Indonesian migrant workers. "We continue to expand, even out of the country, this is the stage for loyal customers, here we want to declare that bank bjb is Indonesian worker bank," he said.

    Bank bjb, ISEI and OJK are intensively designing socialization of financial transaction literacy for Indonesian migrant workers. This program is important because the financial literacy rate is still low.

    Dr. Aldrin Herwany, representatives from West Java ISEI said that it is necessary to campaign continuously as the percentage of financial transaction literacy is still low. "For banks at 21.8%, for insurance at 12%, and others under 10%," he explained.

    The gathering of West Java citizens at the Consul General of Jeddah, was well utilized by the consulate, especially in the framework of the amnesty program socialization of the Kingdom Government of Saudi Arabia. Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Jeddah, Mohamad Hery Saripudin, said that the amnesty program was attended by 9100 Indonesians, but only 4000 people were ready to go home. Therefore he appealed to all citizens to be able to use well that rare opportunity.

    "Do not be lulled by uncertain expectations, waiting for certain moments for example, and other reasons, if it is ready to go home do not delay, because the rules in the others country are certainly very dynamic, can change at any time, while the price of air tickets can soar, "Hery said in remarks.

    Break the fast at the Consulate General in Jeddah is routinely done every year as a means of friendship and missed moments especially for migrant workers, appears to be present among those who have been working for years in Saudi

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