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    Two Times Closed, Islamic School of Indonesia in Jeddah Now Exist


    JEDDAH-The arrival of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) along with the Board of Directors of Bank bjb Friday (9/6/17) afternoon local time, received a warm welcome from the family of Indonesian Islamic International School (IIIS) Jeddah.

    The group was greeted by the headmaster, Eri Wargi Mariti. Like a conductor that afternoon she commanded all the teachers and students, in a welcoming so enthusiastic to receive the arrival of a group of West Java.

    West Java's CSR program from bank bjb has become the solution for the main problem in the implementation of education in the School that is typical for the Indonesia worker's families.

    Aher, who was accompanied by the President Director of Bank bjb expressed his support for the performance of West Java CSR, "Bank bjb CSR will continue to push for the progress of various fields, especially education, both at home and abroad, we are very happy to help many families, , "He said.

    The existence of IIIS in Jeddah became the choice of school place for Indonesian citizens, especially the children of migrant workers, because the existence of Sekolah Indonesia-Jeddah (SIJ) as the only public education institution in here that has excessive capacity, SIJ currently has around 1400 children.

    Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Jeddah, Mohammad Hery Saripudin, also admitted joyfully, for the efforts of West Java CSR that has reached the citizens of Indonesia in Saudi, "Our citizens in Jeddah very much, the needs of the classroom for children is certainly high enough, a good achievement when West Java CSR can contribute significantly to education, West Java contribution for improving the quality of human resources abroad, "he said.

    Principal Eri a female doctor graduated from Al Azhar University of Egypt, along with several other female activists have long struggled for the establishment of Islamic School in Jeddah. She said it is not easy to establish Saudi schools, licensing issues, from the Kingdom or from Education Ministry, the problem of school operational financing and the availability of faculty, all of which are always subject to obstacles.

    "That's why IIIS on its journey has ever closed twice, but we women here insist on continuing to fight for the establishment of the school that is the hope and the needs of our citizens," said Eri nostalgia.

    "There is a saying, behind a successful man there is always a strong woman behind him, but we are here (IIIS-red) all the women who have managed to bring the school in the country people, the husbands enough to appear faithful and support us," joked Eri.

    "We are grateful to West Java CSR, to the Governor, to the bank bjb, there are educational programs so that our schools can operate again", close Eri.

    IIIS is located on Abu Layla Al Asari Street, in As Safa district, Jeddah. Building a two-story house rented into the school was quite free to accommodate hundreds of students. The spaces inside have been set up into small classes for some study groups. Some furniture also seems to have filled the classroom. For the time being IIIS organizes elementary school education

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