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    In Tasikmalaya, Jokowi also Distributes 1,500 KIP


    TASIKMALAYA CITY-Jokowi also distributed 1,500 Kartu Indonesia Pintar/ Smart Indonesia Card (KIP), especially for orphaned students in State Junior High School 2 Tasikmalaya City, Alun-Alun Street No. 1, Tasikmalaya City. KIP For elementary level as many as 575 students, 238 junior high school students, 133 high school students, and vocational school as many as 340 students. As for the study group, Package A 40 people, Package B 61 people, and Package C 113 learners.

    Through this KIP, the students will get a grant of study aid per year. KIP recipients elementary school level will get assistance Rp 450 thousand, junior high school Rp 750 thousand, high school and vocational school Rp 1 million.

    "I ask for the existing budget, the funds in this card are used for matters relating to school and education, to buy books, buy uniforms, shoes," asked Jokowi to the students who are receiving KIP.

    "can we buy the credit with this card?, our agreement, if anything is used to buy credit, this card will be revoked," he added.

    Meanwhile, vice governor Demiz thanked Jokowi for attention and "blusukan" to Tasikmalaya and Ciamis for two days. In addition to the provision of KIP, Jokowi also shares Healthy Indonesia Card (KIS), food packages assistance, additional food aid, and assistance of Family Hope Program (PKH).

    "I would like to express my gratitude to the President on this occasion, to the Regencies and Municipalities of Tasikmalaya and Ciamis, in order to provide KIP, Healthy Indonesia Cards, and basic food aid, as well as additional food and land titling certificates to beneficiaries. One extraordinary there Family Hope Program , "said Demiz.

    After giving the certificate, Jokowi who was accompanied by the ministers of the Working Cabinet, also Vice Demiz, and entourage performing the Friday Prayers at the Great Mosque of Tasikmalaya City. After that, Jokowi went on to visit UPTD Puseksmas Cilembang, Cieunteng Street, Cihideng, Tasikmalaya City. Here Jokowi distributes packages of Sembako such as rice, cooking oil, sugar, packaged tea, also Supplementary Feeding or PMT

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