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    FIF Loan Reaches Rp10.6 Trillion


    BANDUNG-Federal International Finance (FIF) noted that lending during January to April 2017 reached Rp 10.6 trillion.

    Corporate Communication FIFGROUP, Arif Reza Fahlepi, said compared to the same period last year the credit distribution increased by 10%.

    "If for the national until April 2017 about Rp 10.6 trillion. Compared to last year we rose 10% which is about Rp 9.6 trillion, "he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (9/6/2017).

    Arif said that for 2016 FIF vehicle loan disbursement reaches Rp 30 trillion by dominating to two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles which reach 70%.

    "Last year we financed the figure of Rp 30 trillion. Still dominated by two-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles because it is the core of our business in the motor with the achievement of about 70%, "he said.

    In addition to financing two-wheeled vehicles, FIF also financing Umroh electronic credits and hajj as well as the latest is the financing of marriage funds.

    "In addition to motorcycles, we also have electronic goods credits, Umrah, and Hajj and the latest of this financing adalan financing of marriage funds," he explained

    Arif admitted optimistic that the growth of motorcycle loan financing for this year will grow positively. It is also supported by electronic financing.

    "The prediction of motorcycle financing growth this year, we are optimistic in the midst of a fast automotive industry but we are optimistic financing because in addition to our motor is also supported by electronic financing," he said.

    Regarding the preparation of Lebaran, Arif added that FIF customers who want to pay for credit financing do not need to come directly to the office but by using FIF payment point.

    "Payment of vehicle installment credit can make payment on our payment point, such as Alfamart, some ATM, and mobile banking. So no need to come to the FIF office, "he concluded.

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