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    Mayor of Cimahi is Dismissed Temporarily


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar submit a copy and excerpt decisions Cimahi Mayor dismissal, Atty Suharti Term of Office 2012-2017. This is based on the Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No. 132.32-3227 on the Provisional Dismissal of Cimahi Mayor of West Java Province.

    The document was submitted to Vice Mayor Cimahi, Sudiarto in Manglayang Room Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Thursday (6/8/2017). Atty has been designated as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission related to the corruption of Pasar Atas Cimahi City development.

    Currently, Atty is undergoing the process of settling the case in Bandung Court Special Class IA which is confirmed by the Register of Case Crime Corruption in Bandung Court Class IA Special with Number: 21 / Pid.Sus-TPK / 2017 / PN.Bdg. For that reason, Atty can not present directly to receive copies and passage of the Minister of Home Affairs Decree.

    With this decision, the task and authority of Mayor Cimahi as decided in the Minister of Home Affairs is implemented by Sudiarto, as Vice Mayor Cimahi Term of the Year 2012-2017. Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar hopes Vice Mayor Cimahi and the ranks of Parliament Cimahi still maintain togetherness in carrying out governmental, development, and community tasks, while maintaining harmonious and conducive relationships.

    "Hopefully, the government and development of Cimahi will continue to be as it should be and remain optimal." There is also Chairman of Regional People's Representative Assembly (City of Cimahi) as part of the government must remain synergy, "said the Vice Governor after the Minister of Home Affairs declaration.

    "We expect everything to go well, and there should be no obstacles, including public services," he continued.

    The Vice Regent added that during the legal process all parties must respect and refer to the principle of presumption of innocence until the legal process concerned has a permanent legal force from the court.

    Meanwhile, Vice Mayor of Cimahi, Sudiarto said it is committed to continue development and governance in Cimahi. However, he did not know whether appointed as the Mayor's Executor or not.

    "I have not open (Decree of Home Affairs), yes it looks like that," said Sudiarto.

    Sudiarto also admitted his side will implement the wheels of government in Cimahi in accordance with the program that has been planned in the budget of Cimahi City. This also does not interfere with the wheels of government and development programs in Cimahi.

    "Everything (government and development) is still proceeding, keep it going as it is, ordinary," Sudiarto concluded.

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