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    Imas Officially Became Definitive Subang Regent Until 2018


    BANDUNG-Imas Aryumningsih officially became the definitive Subang Regent for the remaining term of office 2013-2018 or about 18 months ahead. Imas was inaugurated by Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar in front of the ranks of Regional Leadership Communication Forum, Regional People's Representative Assembly, Electoral Supervisory Agency and General Election Commissions from West Java Province and Subang Regency, in West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (08/06/2017).

    The inauguration is a mandate from the Letter of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.32 / 4109 / OTDA dated June 5, 2017 in conjunction with the issuance of Decree of the Minister of Home Affairs Number 131.32.3235 in 2017 which authorizes the appointment of Imas Aryumningsih becomes Subang Regent remaining term of office 2013-2018. Imas herself was previously Vice Regent of Subang which later became Temporary Regent after Regent Ojang Suhanda entangled legal case.

    In his address, Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar stressed that the Regent Imas able to run the mandate as well as possible to realize the vision of Subang Regency religious, knowledgeable, independent, cultured and mutually cooperative.

    "Congratulations have been inducted into the Regent, may the mandate of this position is executed as well as possible," said Deddy.

    Deddy hopes that the government of Subang Regency runs better, more national and provincial development programs in the region with a population of about 1.5 million. Among the projects are the development of the International port of Patimban and Toll Road to the port and the development of the National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN) destination which requires acceleration in its implementation.

    Likewise with the development of economic and agricultural sectors. Subang has the third largest rice field area in West Java after Indramayu and Karawang as well as the third largest contributor of paddy production in West Java.

    "I ask for this condition to be improved with new innovations so that it will not only become a more value-added competitive advantage for regional economic growth and people's income," said Deddy.

    Deddy also invites the regional apparatus in Subang regency to present an effective, efficient, transparent and accountable bureaucracy as well as prioritize the public interest.

    In accordance with the provisions of Article 176 of Law Number 10 of 2016, that if the Vice Regent ceased because of being terminated, the Vice Regent's replenishment shall be conducted through an electoral mechanism by the Subang Regional People's Legislative Assembly based on the proposal of the political party or the party bearer. In this case the position of Vice Regent of Subang will be empty counted today until the end of office of Regent of Subang that is December 19, 2018 or for 18 Month over 12 Days. This means that the Regional People's Legislative Assembly of Subang Regency must immediately decide who will accompany the Regent Imas.

    "My message immediately do filling the position of Vice Regent of Subang according to the mandate of the Act," he said.

    Regent Imas Aryumningsih said, related to the Port of Patimban project, it fully supports the port that will begin construction early next year. Imas ensures there will be no problems during the construction, especially regarding land acquisition.

    "We are very supportive because the people will also not be difficult to land acquisition, essentially all the facilities needed by the center in this development there will be no problem at all," he said.

    Development of International Port Patimban according to the Regent is a joint decision between the government and all elements of society who do want the establishment of a large port in Subang.

    "This has been a joint decision and they also want this Patimban Port," said the Regent.

    Shee believes the presence of Port Patimban will have an impact on the increase of people's welfare, especially in the northern coastal area of Subang.

    "Hopefully improving the welfare of the people of Subang Regency itself in addition to the interests of Indonesia," he said.

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