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    Cisokan Hydroelectric Power Plant will absorb 3,000 workers


    BANDUNG-Hydroelectric Power Plant (Hydroelectric) Upper Cisokan whose development location in West Bandung regency and Cianjur regency is predicted to require 3,000 people workforce.

    General Manager of PLN Central Development Unit of Central Java I (UIP JBT I), Anang Yahmadi explained that according to the rule two thirds of the total needs reached 3,000 people, while for local workforce sebayak 2,000 people.

    "If according to the rules two-thirds of the total, if the needs of 3 thousand workers, then we need 2 thousand people should be local workers, not necessarily from West Bandung regency," he told reporters in Bandung, Thursday (08/06/2017 ).

    Anang explained that local workers will occupy various positions of work but if the job requires special skills then requires experts from abroad.

    "For local workers he can occupy any position, but for the skill that is difficult and here no one is indeed a foreign worker," said Anang.

    According to him, the development of the Upper Cisokan Hydroelectric Power Plant is divided into packages such as packages for the construction of DAMs and tunnels, packages for the construction of generators and turbines as well as transmission development packages.

    "If for turbines and generators it is like need a foreign worker while for the construction of transmission will certainly more local power," he said.

    Previously, the Provincial Government of West Java prompted the development of three power plant projects, namely Indramayu electric steam power plant, Unit 2 Cirebon electric steam power plant and Upper Cisokan hydropower plant in West Bandung regency, can recruit local workers while operating later.

    "Some time ago PLN reported the development of the three power plant projects and I hope the local workers are involved when the three power plants start operating," he said.

    He asked PT PLN (Persero) Distibusi West Java to immediately prepare criteria and what classification should be met local workers in the three power plants.

    "Of course must be with the right classification, then the local government can prepare from now, because the operating time is 3 years away," he concluded. (MAT)

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