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    Imported Beef Will not Kill Local Farmers


    BANDUNG-West Java Agency for Logistics Affairs (Bulog) ensures that the import of frozen beef by the government will not kill the local cattle ranchers. Imports are conducted to maintain the sustainability of entrepreneurs and market participants.

    Head of West Java Bulog Abdul Muis said in accordance with the appeal of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade not to cut the breeding cattle in the next two years. If it is done then the availability of domestic beef is getting depleted so in the future it is expected that there will be no more beef imports.

    "As stated by the Minister of Agriculture, if all of our cattle are cut, their sizes will decrease, meaning the availability of domestic beef is getting thinner.This is a very good program from the government," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (8/6/2017)

    In addition, West Java Bulog ensures that frozen beef is a healthy meat that is suitable for consumption by the community.

    "Restaurants and hotels before beef consumed, should be frozen at a certain degree of temperature," he said

    According to him, the meat in Bulog is kosher meat. Cattle and buffaloes that have been slaughtered have gone through the process of Islamic methods. Including imported beef comes from Islamic countries.

    "The cow and buffalo that we are slaughtering is of course through the Islamic method, so it is lawful to eat," he said

    Abdul Muis asserted, bulog's function itself becomes a stabilizer of price control both at the level of farmers. So with the import of beef will not harm local dairy farmers

    "The function of Bulog itself when the price goes up should keep the price stability and vice versa when the price drops at the level of the farmers, Bulog buys in accordance with the market price set so farmers do not feel harmed," he concluded. (MAT)

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