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    Members of Cooperatives in Indonesia are Still Minim


    BANDUNG-Based on the data of the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (KUKM), until the end of March 2017 there are 1,061 cooperatives in West Java who pocketed Number of Cooperative (NIK). Total, nationally only 9,425 units of cooperatives that have certificate Number of Cooperative (NIK).

    Chairman of the Indonesia Regional Cooperative Council (Dekopinwil) West Java, Mustopa Djamaludin said Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Data by the end of 2015 mentions, there are 25,741 cooperatives in West Java.

    "Of these, 16,855 are active and 8,886 are inactive, while only 6,697 units are performing annual member meeting (RAT)," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (8/6/2017).

    According to him, the cooperative should be returned to be a pillar of the people's economy. Cooperative according to him as self help institution.

    "By cooperating, people can improve their welfare independently," he said.

    Unfortunately, according to him, in Indonesia the number of cooperative members is no more than 8% -10% of the population. Whereas in the United States six out of ten residents are members of the cooperative. In Singapore nine out of ten residents are also cooperating.

    "This is ironic. why? because the only country that has a cooperative law is Indonesia, which should be thrived in Indonesia," he said.

    Therefore, besides having to adopt professional management, according to him, the cooperative must also present, one of them by adopting Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

    "That way, cooperatives can reach all segments of the population, including young people," he concluded. (MAT)

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