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    Beware of Increasing Sexual Violence Against Children


    LEMBANG-Integrated Service Centre for the Empowerment of Women and Children (P2TP2A) in West Java in 2015 has handled 246 cases of child abuse or up 25 percent from the previous year in 164 cases. Disturbingly, most cases of sexual violence have entered the realm of law.

    Chairman of P2TP2A West Java province, Netty Heryawan said that cases of sexual violence including sexual abuse, rape, and sexual harassment. And it tends to increase while the previous trend of trafficking which continued to decline since 2012 last.

    "Family condition is one of the main cause of that cases. We are also concerned because many of the perpetrators are relatives of the victims. So that the relatives should also be watched out,” she said on the sidelines of Mother's Day 2015 in Lembang, Sunday (20/12) morning.

    According to her, a number of these cases occurred in almost all areas in West Java, where the urban area is a prone region to sexual violence against children. Aside of family, other factors which also trigger is the low level of education.

    Eliminating such cases, P2TP2A West Java made various efforts such as holding roadshows to various areas in West Java in cooperation with various stakeholders, such as the Department of Education, AIDS Commission, and of course the parents to socialised moral values on children and parenting skill

    Head of Information and Documentation Division on P2TP2A West Java, Dwi Septiawati added, it held a Kids Against Violence campaign movement on this Mother's Day. with the goal of building the warmth of children and their parents. Therefore, approximately 1,000 children and parents in Lembang participated in these activities.

    Marsda Sesko AU, Sam Murdianto expressed high appreciation to the event titled Kanyaah Indung Sapanjang Jagat as a form of education and information to the public.

    "It can realise the protection and fulfil their rights towards on democratic and fair society. As well as improving education and health in the community in order to remove and degrade of violence," he continued.

    Netty ended her speech by saying it hoped this activity could build public awareness of the importance of giving support to mothers as the cornerstone of civilisation. It can starts with building family resilience. While P2TP2A West Java is expected to continue develop synergies with relevant institutions in carrying out campaign against violence to women and children.

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