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    Bukalapak- Antam Distributes Gold Balance


    BANDUNG-Bukalapak launched BukEmas as a solution to buy gold or gold online for people with nominal as low as 5 milligrams.

    Founder and CEO of Bukalapak Achmad Zaky said in his inaugural launch, Bukalapak will specifically distribute 5 milligrams of gold that will automatically add into the gold balance at BukaEmas for 100,000 loyal users of Bukalapak.

    "Users who are lucky to get 5 milligrams of gold will be informed directly through Bukalapak newsletter," said Achmad in his official statement in Bandung, Wednesday (7/6/2017)

    According to him, for Bukalapak users who want to have precious metal or gold can buy it with weight starting from 0.005 grams or starting from Rp3.000 price, with a multiple of 0.001.

    Nominal is considered very affordable when compared with the purchase of gold in general. If the user's gold balance has reached 0.5 gram, then the user can dilute his gold balance. Users can also resell the gold that has been purchased at BukaEmas at any time.

    Achmad added seeing that many Indonesian people who want to have precious metals, but the pieces sold are generally quite high price.

    "The existence of BukaEmas, people from various circles can buy gold at an affordable price," he concluded. (MAT)

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