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    Kampung Sehat Ramadhan in Bandung


    BANDUNG-Rumah Zakat inaugurated Kampung Sehat Ramadhan (Ramadhan Healthy Village) in RW 15, Babakan Sari, Kiaracondong subdistrict, Bandung City. Kampung Sehat Ramadhan is a means to increase public awareness of the importance of maintaining health in the month of Ramadan.

    Later, it will be held also a variety of physical and health activities such as gymnastics and Integrated service post (Posyandu) that will be held regularly throughout the month of Ramadan. In addition, there will also be various agenda, such as the division of Takjil Ramadan for the residents, the Taklim Round Assembly Program, Pesantren Kilat Remaja, and Nuzulul Quran warning.

    "Kampung Sehat Ramadhan is one of our concern to the community so that people can carry out healthy lifestyle activity during Ramadan. Moment of Ramadhan is in addition we make as a means for worship we also raise awareness to maintain health, "said Fadhli, Public Health Rumah Zakat Bandung, Tuesday (6/6).

    In the inauguration, present Chairman of hamlet and local communities. Kasiman, Chairman of hamlet 15 hopes, Kampung Sehat Ramadhan can have a positive impact for the citizens, so that citizens can take advantage of the month of Ramadan well.

    "This activity is very positive and of course adds to the festive month of Ramadan. Hopefully, with the launch of Kampung Sehat Ramadhan, people can realize about the importance of maintaining a balance between spiritual and physical health in Ramadan, "Kasiman said. Jo

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