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    Market Operation for Community Basic Needs is Expanded


    BANDUNG-In the near future Market Operation (OP) basic needs of the community will be expanded. Currently the Market Operation OP only takes place at Bulog and Police Office, the future will be spread.

    The head of West Java Bulog Abdul Muis, said the cooperation would be conducted with other parties such as prosecutors, Audit Board of Indonesia, and banks.

    "West Java provincial government and BI will also conduct an Market Operation OP with a subsidy fund of 50 percent of  Community Basic Needs price, for the less fortunate," he said.

    This is done so that people with limited ability to enjoy Community Basic Needs with affordable prices.

    On the other hand, the market operation OP conducted simultaneously and massively will make pressure to the speculators so that the price of basic necessities will decrease and become stable.

    This market operation OP will be selling rice, sugar, cooking oil, onion, garlic, and frozen beef. Jo

    The Ramadan Village Bazaar is held at Cimalaka Square

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