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    Official Car For Homecoming, Ride Wisely


    BANDUNG-West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa asks the Civil Servants (PNS) of West Java Provincial Government to utilize the official car wisely during Idul Fitri holiday.

    Iwa said so far there is no rules or the latest circular letter related to the use of official cars for the benefit of homecoming received by West Java Provincial Government. But he admitted the rules of official cars are forbidden to be used for going home.

    "So far there is no latest ban, but we ask civil servants who hold vehicles to use wisely," he said in Bandung, Tuesday (6/6).

    According to the official car used by civil servants according to the main duties and functions concerned. Therefore, Iwa suggested if forced to go home, the car is also used at once for monitoring on the ground. "So it is possible at the same time monitoring on the sidelines of friendship Eid. It means still in the framework of execution of duty, "he said.

    He assessed that civil servants who return home can do monitoring activities and can be a report material when returning to work. Beyond that, if the civil servant who holds the official car has a private car, Iwa recommend better to garage the official cars. "We recommend that private cars are used, that's better," he said. (Even)

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