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    Coming to Lebaran BCS Prepares New Variety of Pastries


    BANDUNG REGENCY-PT Bonli Cipta Sejahtera (BCS) which is a merger of two companies engaged in the field of cookies, Ina Cookies and Ladifa Cookies prepare a new variant of pastries in welcoming Lebaran 2017. The new variant is Putri Unik, Putri Smores, Putri Purple, Putri Moana, Putri Seaweed and Putri Tachee.

    This was conveyed by the Director of Marketing PT BCS, Tito Afrianto met jabarprov.go.id team at Gallery Cookies PT BCS, Bojong Koneng, Bandung Regency, Tuesday (06/06/2017).

    "To welcome Lebaran this time, BCS prepares some new variants of pastry that will add vibrant atmosphere of Lebaran," said Tito.

    Based on the monitoring team jabarprov.go.id, the production of large quantities of cookies is being prepared by PT BCS ahead of Lebaran 2017 to meet the needs of consumers.

    Added Tito, the market share of pastries in West Java is increasingly increase, to get closer to the consumers then opened booths in some shopping centers especially in big cities in West Java, especially Bandung.

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