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    PLN UIP JBT I Builds 6.777 MW Power Plant


    BANDUNG-Based on the Electricity Supply Business Plan (RUPTL) in 2016-2025, with an average population growth projection of 0.8-1.1% per year and an average economic growth of 6 - 7.3% per- Year, then the projected electrical energy demand predicted by 2022 will be 308,533 GWh.

    "With that condition, at least there should be a 90% electricity production growth by 2022 for future electricity needs to be met," said Anang Yahmadi, GM PLN UIP West Java 1 in media briefing Monday (5/6)

    To accelerate electricity production in Indonesia, PT PLN (Persero) through Directors Decree No. 284.K / DIR / 2009 dated December 7, 2009 established the Java Hydro Generation Unit which has now changed its name to Central Java Development Master Units I (hereinafter abbreviated as UIP JBT I). PLN UIP JBT I is tasked to carry out the construction of Power Plant in Central Java Region.

    There are 8 power plants in Central Java Area with total electricity capacity of 6,777 MW. 5 of them are under the control of UIP JBT I construction including Upper Cisokan Pumped Storage 4x260 MW, Jatigede 2x55 MW, 2x1000 MW Indramayu, Muara Tawar PLTGU Add on Block 2,3,4 650 MW,

    While the other 3 generators are under the control of IPP (private), including PLP IPP Batang 2x1000 MW, PLT IPP Rajamandala 1x47 MW, and PLTP IPP Karaha 1x30 MW.

    Although the construction of the project's main construction has not yet begun and the presence of the plant has not been seen, the people around this PLTA have been able to feel positive change through the aid. One of them is a better access road.

    Before there is an increase in roads, access to the village around the project is classified as damaged and narrow, so not all types of vehicles can pass by. With the help of this infrastructure, it is expected that the social problems that arise during the preparation and implementation of the construction of the plant can be solved. Jo

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