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    Current Students, Think Global Acts Local


    BANDUNG-West Java Mother Literacy Netty Heryawan said that children today are born with digital native conditions aka literate digital world from birth. This correlates with data proved according to research, the number of devices / communication devices in Indonesia reached 281.4 million beyond the total population of Indonesia about 250 millions.
    Apparently, said Netty, according to Kompas research there are 10 events that make the modern people feel hit. One of them, lost the communication tool that makes people frustrated and upset.
    "So now if you miss the wallet it feels no problem, because it can borrow right and left. But if you missed our gear like a firing beard, as if the doomsday, "Netty joked in front of the students when opening Pesantren Kilat and Tahfidz Qur'an Quarantine and inaugurated the Boarding House of Al Siswa Pesantren Al Masoem, at Al Masoem Campus Raya Cileunyi Street Cipacing No.22 Jatinangor, Tuesday (5/6/17).
    Therefore, Netty invites the students, the board of Foundation and Board of Directors Al - Ma'soem can present a mutual awareness. Because in this era of globalization children are not only raised by parents or other family members but technological advances in the form of magic box that is held.
    During the visit, Netty expressed his appreciation and pride that the Al - Ma'soem students held was Al - Quran not a device. It publishes an expectation of a younger generation that is Quranic. Why? Because while people say that the youth is at the end of the road like an egg on the tip of a horn. Marked there are 6 million Indonesians according to BNN being drug users, 30% are teenagers.
    "That our country is a big country. From the geography aspect of our country is passed by the equator line, all year we see the sun. And that's what makes all types of plant life, flora and fauna in Indonesia. So this means Indonesia should not be malnourished, "he explained.
    This means that the quality of human resources and the love of the country itself becomes a component in a nation's success. So Netty hopes that in this Pesantren Kilat, students can study every Islamic values and heights, then it can be called the heart-shaped children of Mecca and having Germany brain. Let us cultivate the spirit of defending the country and love the homeland starting from our own and have great ideals. Finally make it perfect every effort we make by praying to Allah SWT.
    In addition, Al-Ma'soem Ceppy Foundation Chairman Nsahi Ma'soem said that Pesantren Kilat in Ramadhan this time was attended by 1,100 Junior high students and Senior High School students. It is expected that the student can follow this Pesantren Kilat with focus and spirit, because the person who has knowledge is higher degree. It is also expected Netty can inaugurate the Girl Dormitory, because previously still in one area with the boy.

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