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    Controlling Land Prices For Ciawi Reservoir


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa asked the Bogor Regency and the National Land Agency (BPN) to be able to control the price of land at the Ciawi or Sukamahi Reservoir.

    Iwa said the Ciawi Reservoir construction process could slow down if the price of land has not been completed yet. "Control of the price of this land to ensure the sustainability of government projects," he said in Bandung, Monday (5/6).

    According to him there are about 140.1 hectares with 1,069 resistant fields for land acquisition Ciawi and Sukamahi reservoirs located in five villages Megamendung subdistrict and one village subdistrict of Cisarua.
    The details of the land use are 49.82 hectares for Sukamahi dam and 90.19 hectares Cipayung Reservoir which in design to hold 1.68 million cubic and 6.4 million cubic of water which holds flowing to Jakarta.
    "With the amount of land that has been successfully released as much as three areas in Gadog Village for Sukamahi Reservoir and two areas in Cipayung Village for Cipayung Reservoir of 1,069 such fields," he said.

    He said that the process of land acquisition there will be difficult given that landowners are not local residents and the price of land is increasingly uncertain given the authority of the landowners selling entrusted to the brokers. "This is common in infrastructure projects, therefore there must be control in the field," he said.

    Iwa explained that the existence of Ciawi and Sukamahi Reservoirs is very important, one of them is to control floods in Bogor and Jakarta. "So that Bogor and Jakarta are not drought in the dry season, the rain is not flooded," he said.

    He hopes that large infrastructure projects in West Java will not be a problem. Although in the field there are always some problems one of which is the administration process must be fast. In the process of land acquisition, there must be a step to be followed such as the follow-up of the size according to the field map, the aprical of the price that is handed down. "So the land acquisition process can run smoothly," he explained. (Even)

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