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    Ngariung.id Encourages Sundanese Young Children Creating Change


    BANDUNG-West Java represents various potentials such as natural resources, human resources, language, cultural arts and culinary but still a little Sundanese who understand, love, proud of his identity as urang sunda (Sundanese).

    The existence of ngariung.id website which is the work of 3 young children of Sunda namely Khodizah, Ilman Dzikri and Sri Izzati who are expected to be able to encourage younger generation of Sunda to create change.

    "The lack of pride on regional identity is the trigger for the birth of ngariung.id," he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (3/6/2017)

    The main initiator of Ngariung.id, Ilman Dzikri explains ngariung.id will serve as a landing page that provides various information about the activities of the Sundanese

    "We will fasilitate the young generation of West Java what is needed that will develop according to their needs," he said

    According to him, the local language is a value-added wealth of a nation. Besides the identity of the delay can be a special attraction for Sundanese who have achieved success out there.

    "With this website, they (urang Sunda) who have been successful out there can help each other," he explained.

    Hopefully, Ngariung.id become a junction of the Sundanese connections that are more advanced with those who are still proceeding to advance.

    "For example for students from West Java who are in remote areas to obtain college information can access ngariung.id," he said.

    In addition, ngariung.id also bridge the business world information with various graduation programs such as training, inspiration, guidance and mentoring. Includes various activities that require our funds to be facilitated with the Udunan program.

    "We want to invite and empower the young generation of Sundanese to grow their concern for the problems that exist around it so as to do something by making changes to a better direction again," he concluded. (MAT)

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