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    Bulging Investment, Better Alms


    BANDUNG-Month of Ramadan is a blessing month that can be used by rich people to increase their worship, not racing to increase property.

    It was delivered by Ilya Avianti Financial Services Authority Commissioner (OJK) in break the fast activities with banking and orphans with Bandung mass media on Friday night.

    "Charity investments must be increased, with a lot of money invested in alms," he said.

    He said bulging investment still encountered because of the many enthusiasts and less understood of safe investment.

    "Bulging investment is still there because of lack understanding and also the nature of lazy and greedy. In essence there is no investment that provides huge profits in time beyond the provisions of the banking," he said.

    He said in the near future will be announced a number of bulging investment or illegal that has been secured by OJK. Jo

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