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    Social Basic Services, Keys to Growing Children with Disabilities


    BANDUNG - Social basic services for children and adolescents with disabilities are not merely government duties, but also require the participation of all components of the community, especially in the educational (formal, informal and non-formal) aspects of education services, health services, public-friendly for disabled people, to empowerment programs for people with disabilities.

    Law No. 8 of 2016 on persons with disabilities, brings a shift from a charity-based on paradigm of service and rehabilitation into a rights-based approach.

    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said, need to be paradigm of partially parent and core family and society are often still mistaken for the existence of children and adolescents with disability, need to be built togetherness and togetherness between parents and social environment to support the growth of children and adolescents Persons with disabilities.

    Because Deddy said, it becomes the key to the realization of family resilience, which is the foundation of the formation of community resilience. Because the family is the smallest unit in society.

    "We must also continue to work on building a strong and resilient family through enhancing knowledge, motivation and skills in exploring and developing the potential and uniqueness that exist in children and adolescents with disabilities," said Deddy Mizwar at the Opening Ceremony of Islamic Parenting Inclusion Opening and Pesantren Kilat Ramadhan Disability 1438 H, held at West Java Islamic Center Mosque, Bandung, Saturday (03/06/2017).

    At the same time said Deddy, strengthening the spiritual side is also becoming very important, in order to always be sincere and grateful for every will and the determination of Allah SWT, accompanied by the conviction that every human creation of Allah SWT must have advantages and disadvantages, especially children who are entrusted Allah SWT , So that every child should be given equal protection and respect.

    Thus, through the presence of a mosque-based counseling center and Islamic Parenting like this, it is hoped that in the future there will be no more rights for the disabled children and youth with the best disability.

    Of course, what Deddy emphasizes is the resilience and synergy of the community to share the role in ensuring the fulfillment of the rights of children and adolescents with disabilities, so that they can become useful people for the community, and for religion, nation and state.

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