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    May Inflation in West Java Reached 0.45 Percent


    BANDUNG-West Java Combined CPI in May 2017 covering 7 cities of Bogor City, Sukabumi City, Bandung City, Cirebon City, Bekasi City, Depok City and Tasikmalaya City experienced an increase in index from 126.08 in April 2017 to 126.65 in May 2017, thus inflation of 0.45 percent.

    The year-to-date inflation rate for the calendar year to date (January - May 2017) is 1.84 percent and the year-on-year inflation rate of "year on year" (May 2017 to May 2016) stood at 4.14 percent.

    Head of West Java BPS Dodi Herlando said that from seven expenditure groups all experienced inflation of 1.24 percent, Food, Beverage, Cigarette & Tobacco Group by 0.25 percent, Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas & Fuel Group 0.36 percent.

    "Clothing by 0.42 percent, Health Group by 0.09 percent, Education, Recreation & Sports by 0.02 percent, and Group Transport, Communication & Financial Services 0.16 percent," he said Friday.

    Of the seven CPI monitoring cities in West Java in May 2017, all cities experienced inflation of Bogor City of 0.57 percent, Sukabumi City 0.49 percent, Bandung City 0.47 percent, Cirebon City 0.64 percent Bekasi City 0.27 percent, Depok City by 0.51 percent and Tasikmalaya City by 0.62 percent. Jo

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