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    How To Wisely Use Media Social: Create a Good Wrap, If It Can not Be Silent!


    BANDUNG-Lately there is a persecution event, which is a hunt or search done by a particular group of status-makers or statements are not good in social media. This action is considered criminal because persecution always leads to violence or mistreatment of status-makers.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) also urged the public to be wise to use social media. Aher requested that the public be able to refrain from saying badly both oral and written, including in social media.
    "The key is to say good, if not be silent. The key is to write a good, if it can not be silent, "said Aher when met after Friday Pray at Habiburrahman Mosque PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Bandung, Friday (2/6/17).
    While responding to the events of the persecution, Aher also appealed to the public - especially social media users - not to write or say that could offend other people. However, if that happens Aher also asks nobody to solve the problem by violence.
    "If someone is writing a bad status (social media), then offend certain parties, of course our behavior please be reprimanded, reminded. If can not be reminded please report to the authorities to be handled legally, "said Aher.
    "Especially now that the month of Ramadan, we should be able to build each other's affections, build mutual respect. In the context of local wisdom of West Java is easy, silih asah silih asuh silih asih. This is the local wisdom of religious value, "he concluded.

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