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    North West Java Road is Targeted Worth Passing by Passengers


    BANDUNG-Artery line of North West Java area is targeted worth passing by travelers in H-14 Lebaran 2017. The line among which area of Pantura and its surroundings that is currently optimized by road maintenance and application of signs and traffic light.

    Head of Department of Transportation (Dishub) West Java, Dedi Taufik explained, the artery path in the North today can be passed by public transport buses although road maintenance is still ongoing.

    "The northern artery path can be passed by the bus, yesterday the infrastructure is in the process of improvement, it is expected that the H-14 has good maintenance and lighting of the road. As now also the economic buses are still passing there," he told reporters in Bandung on Friday (2 / 2017).

    To anticipate the current density of homecoming flow, it optimizes engineering and diversion of traffic flow in the most vulnerable areas, including kilometers 72 and 66.

    Dedi rates, the diversion of currents in the North can be done if the density is difficult to decompose. The targeted path becomes the current diversion of the South with the anticipation of guarding in the Cileunyi Toll, Nagreg and Limbangan Garut regency.

    "It could be diverted to the South, just stay in Cileunyi, Nagreg and around Limbangan, we already anticipate the congestion in the temporary market, gas station, we already have anticipation in the field," he explained.

    Dedi added that the readiness of infrastructure to support the flow of homecoming in the arterial route of West Java is currently continuing with the target of H-14 Eid completely.

    "If not achieved, portable will be installed, signs directions, traffic light that we have fixed in Kadipaten, Jatiwangi, Palimanan, Ciamis. (MAT)

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