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    Manage Ramadhan and Lebaran Shopping Wisely


    BANDUNG-The important role of financial planning among the community is still not too felt. Referring to data from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), 96.81 percent of Indonesians have realized that they must have a financial plan. However, the majority is still dominated by short-term financial goals to fulfill daily life and survival.

    "So far, many think that financial planning is too complicated. Now we try to make it an activity that is not only easy, but also fun. After providing real experience through financial planning simulations, customers will begin to think about the exact financial needs and solutions, "said Ivan Jaya, Head of Wealth Management and Customer Segments Bank Commonwealth.

    Ivan also suggested, if you want to start doing the right financial planning, there are some major steps that can be done to set financial goals in the future.

    "It starts from distinguishing between needs and wants, making consistent investments on a regular basis, and finally preparing for difficult times," Ivan concluded.

    At Commonwealth Bank itself, it already has complete services and products to achieve customer financial goals, such as Autoinvest for investment and COMM Family Protection services for family protection.

    AutoInvest service is a mutual fund product purchase service that automatically debits customer's account. This service provides convenience as well as teach discipline to customers to invest regularly in achieving financial goals.

    Ivan stated that customers inspired by the game to start investing can use AutoInvest services that are designed to make it easier for customers to invest regularly in financial markets. Jo

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