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    West Java BPBD Start Promoting Ciletuh Geopark


    BANDUNG - Although not yet become a National Geopark, the Ciletuh natural old rock park which located in Ciemas District, Sukabumi, West Java, starting promoted by West Java Regional Tourism Promotion Board (BPPD) to the foreign tourists.

    Member of West Java BPPD, Uyun Achadiat said in addition to promoting tourist attractions that already exist, it also began promoting Ciletuh Geopark in the China International Travel Mart (CITM), on 13-15 November 2015.

    "In addition promoting a number of leading tourist attraction, Ciletuh being prepared by the West Java provincial government to become the leading destinations are also being promoted by standing banner," he said.

    According to Uyun, the promotion by BPPD was ensure to potential tourists that Ciletuh can be visited by tourists next year.

    "We informed that Ciletuh can be visited next year. It adding a new destination and increase tourist visits,” he said.

    Uyun hoped, all supporting infrastructure facilities had to be completed this year.

    "If the infrastructure facilities are adequate, Insya Allah, Ciletuh will become destinations of foreign tourists to West Java,” he concluded.


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