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    Indigo.id Provides Latest Financial Services


    BANDUNG-Managing Director of Indigo.id, Ery Punta Hendraswara said the evolution continues to happen on the first since the program was released in 2009 and up to now with the following developments in the community. For that, Indigo.id startup provides the latest financial / financial services.

    According to him, along with the increasingly widespread digital lifestyle, including the financial sector and payments in the community, then many startup seeds are starting to move into the technology financial sector  (Fintech).

    "One of them is Kartoo, which is financial services to solve the problematics about the low utility loyalty points that only 50% is used from the total annual budget in Indonesia of US $ 4 million," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (1/6/2017)

    With the service led by Michael Luhukay, the utilization will be increased as customers will get more detailed promotional information while allowing customers to redeem these loyalty points on Kartoo partners.

    "Then there is Payfazz, a service aimed at people who do not have a bank account, it responds to the data that 64% of Indonesians are unbanked and 96% of Indonesians do not have credit cards," he continued.

    Paypazz itself offers payment services to Internet-based credit by using the services of their agents who have reached the range of 750 agents to serve about 75 thousand unbanked customers.

    "Total transactions are around 210,000 times even though they have not been fully operational for a year," he said. (MAT)

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