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    400 Participants Follow the 2017 Quran Light Week


    BANDUNG-Approximately 400 participants participated in the 4th 2017 Quran light event held from May 30 to June 1, 2017 at the Multipurpose Building Widyatama campus Bandung.

    Chairman of Spirituality University Widyatama Judiestiati Ontowiryo said this activity is aimed at the participants to understand the Quran correctly which will have an impact on good behavior and ahlak.

    "The participants come from the students, educators (lecturers), employees, foundations, staff and the public," he told reporters in Bandung on Thursday (1/6/2017)

    According to him, Quran Light Week only is a series of routine activities every month which is often done in Widyatama by presenting various preachers such as KH Ahmad Fauzani, Kang Iip, Zulfikar La Ntoresano, Agus Irianto, Moch Rizkar Arev, Dodi Suardi, Tita Husnitawati and Abu marlo.

    "This activity is open to the public and free of charge Besides lecture activities we also prepare a free bazaar," he said.

    According to him, there are three methods in learning to read Al-Quran those are verse bil verses, verses bil Hadith and verse bil Aqli. Because here the educational institutions so take on the basis of Al-Quran verse bil Verse.

    "This is every month we have a routine, every Saturday of the second week of each year, and every year we hold a Quran light week and this is the fourth year held at Widyatama campus," he said.

    Judiestiati said, although many requests for the event to be held outside Ramadan, but it only performs these activities only in the holy month of Ramadan alone.

    "The Quran Light Week only takes place in Ramadan although there are many requests outside Ramadan, usually only one day but for this year we make up to 3 days considering the many requests of this Quran education," he said.

    This activity, she continued, always carries the thematic concept. For this year, the theme of Ramadan Towards Coolness and Piety.

    "We often thematic, it has been two thematic this year for this year Ramadan Toward Coolness and Piety," he said

    In addition, participants of Quran Light Week 2017 are invited to understand the true meaning of Al-Quran by presenting an expert speaker in their field. One of them is Cak Fauzan who is one of the Arabic experts.

    "We are here the speakers are very open, because understanding the Quran is sometimes the same but the understanding is different, so to prevent it we present the language expert," he concluded. (MAT)

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