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    Aher: Related to the Institute for Pancasila Studies, Wait Commands from the Center


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserts will wait instructions or orders from the central government related to the establishment of special institutions that handle the problem of Pancasila in the Province.

    "We are waiting for the central command, because this is a new institution, so we are waiting for guidance from the center whether at the provincial level there should be the same institution or not?" Aher said after presenting the birthday ceremony of Pancasila at Gedung Sate, Thursday (1/6).

    All this time, according to Aher, the institution in the province that takes care of nationality and politics is National Unity and Politics (Kesbangpol) Service.

    "So far, such matters have been handled by National Unity and Politics, but with the special institution at the center that handles Pancasila, does the region also have to form the same institution, we do not know" he asserted.

    As reported earlier, in order to further strengthen Pancasila, the President established a special institution within the Palace that conducts studies, supervision and other related Pancasila. (Even)

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