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    West Java Provincial Govenment Organizes Pancasila Day of Birth Ceremony


    BANDUNG-On Thursday (01/06/2017), for the first time held the flag ceremony of Pancasila Day of Birth which is also as a national holiday.

    Based on Presidential Decree No. 24 of 2016, it was stipulated that June 1 as the Birthday of Pancasila and June 1 is a national holiday. Then, it was also established that the Government together with all components of the nation and the people of Indonesia commemorate the Birthday of Pancasila every June 1st.

    For this reason the West Java Provincial Government held a flag ceremony for the Birthday of Pancasila, Thursday (1/6) at Gedung Sate Bandung. Acting as the ceremonial inspector, that is, the Governor of West Java. Then as a ceremony participants consisted of representatives of the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (FORKOMINDA), heads of agencies / agencies / offices within the Provincial Government of West Java, West Java State Civil Apparatus (Provincial Government Officials), youth organization (KNPI, Mahawarman and Scouting) As well as high school students of Bandung.

    Birthday Ceremony of Pancasila begins raising red and white flag by Bandung flag raising troops, a tribute to the red and white flag, silence. After that, the reading Preamble of the 1945 Constitution text by the Head of National Unity and Politic, Ruddy Gandakusumah and the reading of Presidential Decree No.24 of 2016 on the Birthday of Pancasila by the Head of Regional Personnel Agency, Sumarwan Hadisoemarto. For the ceremonial inspector's remarks, Governor Ahmad Heryawan read out a written remark of President Joko Widodo.

    In his written address, some of them said, "it must be remembered that the natures of Indonesia are diversity, the destiny of God for us is diversity, from Sabang to Merauke is diversity, ethnic, linguistic, custom, religion and united faction form Indonesia. That's our bhinneka and ika".

    However, our nation and state life is facing a challenge. Our diversity is being tested. Today there are views and actions that threaten our diversity and our ika. Today there is an intolerance that carries an ideology other than Pancasila. This problem is increasingly worrisome when aggravated by the misuse of social media hoax alias lies.

    Described by the President, we need to learn from the bad experiences of other countries that are haunted by radicalism, social conflict, terrorism and civil war. With Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution in the frame of NKRI and Bhinneka Tunggal lka, we can avoid the problem. We can live together and work together to promote the country. With Pancasila, Indonesia is the hope and reference of the international community to build a peaceful, just and prosperous world amid pluralism.

    Therefore, I invite the active role of the ulama, ustadz, priest, monk, pedanda, public figure, educator, artist and culture, media player, bureaucracy, Indonesian Army and Indonesia Police and all components of society to maintain Pancasila. Understanding and practice of Pancasila in the society, nation and state must continue to be improved. Religious lectures, material
    Education, the focus of news and debates on social media should be part of the deepening and practice of Pancasila values.

    The government's commitment to strengthening Pancasila is clear and very strong. Various efforts continue to do. It has been enacted by Presidential Regulation No. 54 of 2017 on the Working Unit President of Pancasila Ideology. Together with all components of the nation, this new institution is tasked to strengthen the practice of Pancasila in everyday life, which is integrated with
    Development programs. Poverty alleviation, welfare distribution and other programs become an integral part of the practice of Pancasila values.

    President Jokowi called on all Indonesian people to be alert to all forms of understanding and movement that are not in line with Pancasila. The government must act firmly against organizations and movements that are Anti Pancasila, Anti-UUD 1945, Anti-NKRl, Anti-Unity in Diversity. The government must act decisively if there are still understandings and communism movements that have clearly been banned in the lndonesia.

    Again, keep peace, keep the unity, and keep the brotherhood among us. Let us be polite, respectful, tolerant, and mutually helpful for the benefit of the nation. Let's work hand in hand, work together for the betterment of Indonesia, "said the President.

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