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    Bogor City Baznas Distributes Zakah to Hundreds of Mustahiq


    BOGOR CITY - A total of 451 mustahiq (people entitled to receive zakat) get the charity given by the National Zakah Agency (Baznas) Bogor City, Tuesday (30/05/2017) in the Hall of MUI Bogor City, Pajajaran street. The distribution of zakat is done on the event of Gebyar Ramadhan and Anugerah Zakat as well as in order to welcome Bogor Anniversary (HJB) to 535 years 2017.

    The distribution of zakat to 451 mustahiq is divided into the Bogor City Baznas utilization program consisting of several categories. Among them are smile package, rented contract, ngajiku teacher, scholarship of santri, regular scholarship and PDAM scholarship and undergraduate scholarship.

    "The distribution of zakat for this smile package is distributed to 200 people, nine fakir renters, 150 ngaji teachers, scholarship for santri and 30 regular scholarships, 20 PDAM scholarships, and last scholarship for 12 graduates," explained Commissioner Baznas Bogor city Field of Distribution and Utilization, Rusli Saimun.

    Not only that, in the event Baznas Bogor City also gave awards to eleven Units of Zakat Collectors (UPZ) in the department, Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD), schools and offices with the most categories and most regular in depositing zakat employees.

    "For the nomination of zakat payer the biggest employee is given to SMPN 17 (UPZ SMP), SMAN 6 (UPZ SMA), Education Office (Disdik) for UPZ Dinas, and Regional Revenue Board (Bapenda) for UPZ office / part / Pakuan Jaya Market (PPJ) and Tirta Pakuan PDAM for UPZ BUMD, "said Rusli.

    In the meantime, he continued, for the nomination of the zakat payer of the employees is routinely given to SMPN 3 (UPZ SMP), SMAN 6 (UPZ SMA), Department of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (UPZ Dinas) and Penitentiary of Paledang (UPZ Kantor / Badan / Section) and PD Market Bank (UPZ BUMD). (Donni / Photo: Day) SZ

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