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    Real Sector Down, Governments Must Take Immediate Action


    BANDUNG-Member of Commission XI of the House of Representatives from PKS faction, Ecky Early Mucharam highlights the many workers who run into termination of employment (PHK) since the beginning of this year.

    "The number of workers who are laid off is a real sector that have been down due to of economic slowdown that is happening," said Ecky after a meeting with APINDO, KADIN, and representatives of labour unions at the Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta Wednesday (07/10).

    Therefore, the government must prepare measures more direct impact on job creation and increased purchasing power. Since the beginning of the year until last September, Ecky said to jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (8/10), there are about 725 thousand people had withdraw their Old Age Security (JHT) fund.

    In September, there are around 210 thousand workers withdraw their JHT funds. Meanwhile, JHT funds in the BPJS of employment has reached Rp 8.3 trillion.

    In the package of economic policy in volumes I and II that has been released by government, Ecky said that there are almost no short-term impact. The benefit from this policy is only for the long term or medium term.

    "Because it is not easy to stimulate investment by making regulation with the hope there is private sector would invest soon," said Ecky.

    He hopes that the next package of economic policy able to stimulate real sector, especially in agriculture and UKM. The package of economic policy in volume III is also expected to increase people power in purchasing through reduction of fuel price and LPG. The government also should accelerate and streamline shopping through stimulant of cash transfer programs. "In order to create jobs and strengthen the purchasing power of the middle to lower," said Ecky.

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