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    Aher Proposes Special Allocation Fund for Health Disbursed In Two Stages


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), proposed to the central government that the Special Allocation Fund (DAK) for the health sector be disbursed in two terms or stages. In a hearing with the DAK Commission for Health at the House of Representatives Commission IX at Nusantara I Senayan Building, Monday (29/05/2017) Aher sees, DAK for health if disbursed in two stages will be more effective and smooth than the four stages as it has been done before.

    "One of our proposals to the center to make smooth the funds that are not divided into four stages but enough divided by two stages," said Aher, who at that time represented the Association of Provincial Government of Indonesia (APPSI) together with the Governor of East Java.

    In addition to representatives from the Provincial Government, the hearing was chaired by Member of House of Representatives Commission IX Dede Yusuf was also attended by representatives of the Association of Municipalities of Indonesia (Apeksi) and Association of Local Government of Indonesia (Apkasi).

    In the meeting, Governor Aher shared his experience in the province in disbursing DAK for Health to 27 regencies and cities in West Java which each year the funds are distributed in two phases and run effectively until today.

    "We are in the province there is help to the District and the City, we were seen very smoothly when the assistance was given in two stages, well we with the experience propose to the center through the House of Representatives Commission IX so that funds from the center to the region twice the liquefaction stage," He explained.

    Aher also agreed to the wishes of Commission IX of the House of Representatives (DPR RI) which requested that DAK reporting from the local government to the central government be tightened. This is a requirement to withdraw the second tranche of funds.

    "Of course if the center wants to tight reporting we strongly agree, no next disbursement without reports that have been completed and reported on the previous disbursement," he said.

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