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    Digital Book Can Increase Read Interest


    BANDUNG- Citing Central Connecticut State University survey data, Indonesia ranks 60 out of 61 countries of interest in reading community. UNESCO data also mentions, reading interest in Indonesia only ranges from the number 0.001%, or means only 1 out of 1,000 Indonesians who have interest in reading.

    Head of West Java BI Regional Representative Group Ismet Inono said internet technology has become one of the factors of low interest in reading Indonesian society in addition to the lack of infrastructure in support of literacy and habits of Indonesian society.

    In order not to be an obstacle, the internetin  Indonesia should be strived to support the expansion of literacy in the community.

    To that end, BI then tried to open access to the collection of books in the library. With digital book format, Ismet expects the public can use it as an effort to increase reading interest in Indonesia.

    "We try to combine the cooperation with FEB Unpad to open our collection. Now we open access to our books online, "said Ismet. Jo

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