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    Unpad-BI Launches Digital Book on Google Play


    BANDUNG- Universitas Padjadjaran Faculty of Economics and Business in cooperation with Bank Indonesia West Java Regional Representative Office launched a digital book program on Google Play.

    Vice Dean II FEB Unpad Yudi Azis said the launch of this digital book program as part of the 60th anniversary of FEB Unpad.

    "The digital book is a collection of books written by a number of FEB Unpad lecturers and staff in the Bank Indonesia environment," he said on Monday (29/5).

    Using the theme of Dies Natalis "preserving tradition, creating legacy, and writing history", this book digitizing program is a continuation of the effort of managing information technology based archive which was launched on Friday (19/5).

    Furthermore, the digital book is then stored in the Google Play Books app and can be downloaded by the public. Yudi said, the collection of books that already exist in Google is a trigger for the other lecturers to write a book.

    "Later it is expected a lot of development for database acceleration in Google," said Yudi.

    The selection of digitalization efforts of this book is based on the increasing role of information technology in society. However, the development of information technology is apparently not able to increase the literacy activities of Indonesian society. Jo

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