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    Social Minister: Non Cash Assistance of PKH Not For Buying Lebaran Clothes and Cigarette


    KARAWANG - The first Non Cash Assistance of Family Hope Program (PKH) was directly symbolized by the Minister of Social Affairs of Indonesia Republic Khofifah Indar Parawangsa in Karawang regency, on Sunday (28/5) at Husni Hamid Hall, Karawang Government.

    At the event also attended Karawang Regent dr. Cellica Nurrachadianna, Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Harry Hikmat, Director of Institutional Relations and Transactional Banking PT. Bank Negara Indonesia Adi Sulistyowati, Director of Social Security Family of the Ministry of Social Affairs Nur Pujianto, Special Staff and Experts Ministry of Social Affairs, Head of Social Service of West Java Province, Regional Leadership Forum Karawang regency, and the Head of Karawang Regency Regional Devices.

    PKH is a social protection program that provides cash aid to the Very Poor Household (RTSM) where the program, in the short term, aims to reduce the burden of RTSM and in the long term it is expected to break the poverty link between generations, so that the next generation can get out of the poverty trap.

    The implementation of the PKH also supports the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The Five Components The MDG's goals that will be assisted by PKH are: Reducing the poor and starving; Basic education; Gender equality; Reduced infant and under-five mortality rates; Reduction of maternal mortality.

    Social Minister Khofifah Indar Parawangsa explained that 6 million beneficiaries of the Family Hope Program (PKH) will receive non-cash social assistance starting June 2017. The method of disbursing non-cash social aid will be using a passbook and Kartu Keluarga Sejahtera (KKS) in the form of ATM.

    "At the beginning of 2017 3 million KPM (beneficiary families) have received non-cash social aid, the remaining 3 million KPM will receive non-cash starting in June so that 100 percent of PKH recipients are able to take money on social aid using a saving book or Kartu Keluarga Sejahtera (KKS) At the bank and e-Warong agency, "he explained when monitoring the process of first liquefaction PKH Non-Cash for Karawang regency.

    According to her, through the non-cash distribution system by using KKS, social aid and subsidies will be directly channeled into beneficiary accounts.

    "KKS is equipped with saving account and e-wallet feature, which is one card can be used for various social aid and subsidy programs such as PKH, Food aid, LPG, electricity and so on," said Social Minister.

    Furthermore, beneficiaries can transact and disburse social aid in the E-Warong network of PKH Business Groups (KUBE) and banking agents managed by each member bank of HIMBARA (BNI 46, BTN, BRI, Bank Mandiri).

    In June 2017, he will begin to disburse the second phase of PKH social aid. The amount is still the same with the first stage of Rp 500 thousand. Each family will receive Rp.2 million in a year with four times liquid.

    "But I ask PKH money not to buy Lebaran clothes, for school needs and to buy nutritious food so that children are healthy and smart," he said.

    Social Minister again explained, Year 2018 we will enter the era where PKH social aid given to 10 million beneficiary families. For Rastra (prosperous rice), it will be provided non-cash or transferred to Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) for 10 million beneficiaries. So PKH recipients will also receive BPNT, "he explained.

    Social Minister also asked housewife (IRT) beneficiaries of Family Hope Program (PKH) Non-Cash to use the aid money for children's education and family nutrition needs.

    "Do not make it for clothes, for example if father asks to buy cigarettes, don't buy it. This aid money is only for education and nutritional needs. Do not make another," he pleaded.

    He said, "It's a message from the President, it's Ramadan, if it can be used for selling the group cakes, the purpose is to provide income, if you want to, if you take money not all, because if you can take half of it and The rest remain saved, "he said.

    Social Minister revealed PKH recipient in Indonesia, as many as 60 thousand families will receive PKH aid in Karawang regency. Although currently from 30 sub-districts, only 8 new sub-districts receive non-cash assistance in cooperation with the National Bank of Indonesia (BNI). And it was symbolized to 350 Heads of Family beneficiaries of PKH.

    At the same place Karawang Regent said with the growing rapid development in Karawang regency and of course offset by increased regional revenues and levies. It can not be separated from some of the social gap impact that occurred In Karawang regency community where of course the local government must make regulations in favor of the people of Karawang regency, so that welfare and justice can be felt by the entire people. 

    Therefore, with a total budget of about Rp4 Trillion more, the local government has allocated budget for Welfare community of Karawang regency. 

    "Rp 8.5 billion is allocated for orphans, the poor and dhuafa, and other beneficiary families, I hope these aid programs are also very beneficial for the improvement of people's welfare," said Karawang Regent.

    Karawang Regent also conveys the Regional Government of Karawang regency also through the budget fund has been financed the honorarium of PKH companion about 300 people for Rp. 500 thousand. (Nna

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