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    Governor: We Welcomed The Month of Ramadhan with Full of Joy


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan as the first Tarawih speaker at West Java Islamic Center Mosque, Friday (26/5), invites all West Java citizens to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadan with happiness and joy. Why should we be like that? The answer, because the month of Ramadan provides blessings and doubled rewards for those who carry out the fasting and other worship.

    "Greeting the Month of Ramadhan should be full of happiness and joy, then on the contrary when it comes to 1 Syawal or iedul fitri, then we release it with sadness, because we will part with the blessed month", said the Governor.

    "Not the other way around," when Ramadan arrives, greeted him with sadness and laziness, but when Ramadhan ends and the arrival of Iedul fitri greeted him with happiness and joy, "he said.

    Further Governor, that in Ramadan for those who do fasting and other worship well, then he will get "bonus" from Allah SWT. From one month we fast, then we will get "grace, forgiveness and escape the fire of hell". The details, in the first 10 days, earn the grace of Allah SWT. The second ten days, get God's forgiveness, and in the third ten days, we will get a bonus escaped from the fire of hell ", he explained.

    In addition, said the Governor while quoting the hadith of the Prophet SAW, that people who fast it will get two excitement. The first joy is when he breaks fast after a day of fasting, and the second joy is when he meets God ".

    Therefore, Ahmad Heryawan invites pilgrims and the people of West Java to fill the month of Ramadan by improving the quality of worship. Increase the reading of the Qur'an, at least we read the Qur'an for a quarter juz every day, or finish reading the Qur'an 30 Juz for one month in the month of Ramadan, invite him.

    "Let us fill this mosque with congregational prayer and do tarawih prayer (qiyamul lail) in a month full maturity, so that every mosque will be full of pilgrims during this month of Ramadan.

    Governor was on behalf of West Java Provincial Government to congratulate shaum / fasting to the citizens of West Java, "hopefully we get the results of the worship, that is" as a devotee ", he concluded.

    The first Tarawih prayer at West Java Islamic Center Mosque was attended by all members of the Regional Leadership Coordination Forum (FORKOMINDA), such as: Military Commander III / Siliwangi, West Java Police Chief, West Java High Attorney, Chairperson of West Java Regional House of Representatives, Head of West Java High Court, and Leader of West Java Regional Device, and attended by thousands of citizens of Bandung residents.

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