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    DPP PKS Strongly Condemned Kampung Melayu Bomb


    BANDUNG-The Central Executive Board of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) has strongly condemned Kampung Melayu bombing incident that took place on Wednesday (24/05) last night, killing three police officers and two Perpetrators and also other people wounded.

    Chairman of DPP PKS Dakwah Region of Banten, DKI and West Java, Tate Komarudin stated, it strongly condemns the incident for anyone who did it.

    "On the bombing incident in Kampung Melayu, I first condemned the incident and the behavior for those who did it," said Tate, after attending the inauguration of Takjil Post in the Office of West Java DPW PKS, Sukarno Hatta Street, Thursday (25/05).

    According to Tate, what is done by the perpetrator to commit suicide bombing is a barbaric deed, whatever his thinking background, his religion is the actions of the savage,

    "Whenever, whether it is the month of Ramadan or not, it is a barbaric act that can not be tolerated. Saying in any name is disproportionate, it is barbaric not in place," he said.

    Tate states, as far as we can do to the community or cadres, we as a da'wah party trying to put the original Islam.

    "Islam is tolerant, respecting other religions, rejecting all forms of violence, it is all rejected by the understanding of PKS preaching," he said. (Parno)

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