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    Aher: Banks Do not be Stingy and Cunning


    BANDUNG REGENCY -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserts that banking is not stingy and cunning. Banks do not just want to profit itself but  it must also coach.

    It was revealed Aher when inaugurated Al Masoem BPRS in Dangdeur Rancaekek Bandung regency, Thursday (25/5).

    "My general view is that the bank is sneaky just wanting its profits without any coaching on the customers who have business, I hope Al Masoem not so.In addition to credit channeling at the same time should also foster its customers to be more professional and advanced" said Aher.

    Most commercial banks, according to Aher, accept loan proposals, are often rejected simply because they are filing new people and their proposals are in error.

    "In fact, the prospective new entrepreneurs who have helped, if the proposal there is a mistake or deficiency, do not be rejected but assisted to be repaired by it will grow new entrepreneurs who will eventually give birth to employment and certainly increase welfare" he explained.

    Al Masoem BPRS now has assets of more than 200 billion with more than 20 thousand customers. (Even)

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