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    Aher: I appreciate Al Masoem High School for its uniqueness


    SUMEDANG-West Java Govenor Ahmad Heryawan appreciates Al Ma'soem High School located in Cipacing Sumedang District because of its uniqueness.

    It was revealed by Kang Aher when inaugurating Al Masoem High School on Thursday (25/5). "The uniqueness of Al Masoem High School is to have tahfidz Quran program, it is extraordinary" he said, welcomed by the audience.

    According to Kang Aher with Quran tahfidz program it is expected to print personal noble character.

    "If there are professional people but not good morality, then certainly harm people. Conversely, if there is a good personality but not professional, then it is also difficult to move forward and develop. All we need is a professional person as well as good morals" explains Aher .

    According to him, although reading the Quran today is almost entrenched in all circles, but still few schools that have tahfidz Quran program.

    "I hope Al Masoem became a pioneer of public schools that held tahfidz Quran program" he concluded. (Even)

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