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    Aher Performs Blood Donor Once in Three Months Routinely


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan H. familiarly called Kang Aher revealed that he routinely perform blood donors every once in three months. Blood donor is healthy activity which can save the others lives.

    "Alhamdulilah I’m routinely perform blood donors every once in three months. And usually after donating, we was given eggs, milk and bean porridge,” said Aher in his speech at the event release of 106 blood donors volunteer who has 100 times and even more 100 times in donating their bloods.

    In according to medicine, if we were taken 350 millilitre of our blood or more, it is actually in the health category.

    “If we did not get sick, it’s enough to drink a lot of water,” he said.

    Aher hoped that hopefully we become familiar with the blood donor and make it into our daily habits. Then it’s possible we can held a civil servant blood donor event in West Java.

    "But when I launched it, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) said it is not yet strong implemented because of there is no facilities and infrastructures to manage it. Ins Allah I'm sure all civil servants in each district/city is ready for blood donors,” he said.

    Therefore, Aher expects to regent/mayor in West Java to pay attention in blood donor infrastructure in PMI.

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