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    West Java BNN Find 3 Locations Prone to Drugs Circulation


    BANDUNG-Head of West Java Province National Narcotics Agency (BNNP Jabar) Brig. Gen. Rusnadi has found 3 locations prone to narcotics circulation, such as Garut which has mountains and Sukabumi and Cirebon that have beaches.

    "Garut region has found marijuana five times, members (BNN) again to the mountain that is also now targeting, Sukabumi and Cirebon are also the entry of cannabis through the port," he explained.

    For Garut region, said Rusnadi, results evidence of the arrest is marijuana. According to him, in the Garut region many people, especially in the mountains that grow marijuana.

    "There are programs from the Head of BNN Budi Waseso, for people who plant marijuana we will switch to other crops, this can help people earn more halal income of course," he said.

    Rusnadi added, the average narcotics dealers bring their haram goods to the city center, including Bandung, because big cities allegedly many drug users.

    "Discotheques and entertainment venues so we raid, even karaoke places have installed banners anti-drugs, and instructed to help BNN combat drugs thoroughly," he concluded.

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