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    West Java TAGANA Set Up Preparedness


    WEST BANDUNG REGENCY-In addition to being in the Euro-Asia and Indo-Australian plate meeting areas, in the southern and eastern parts of Indonesia there is also a volcanic belt that extends from the island of Sumatra-Java - Nusa Tenggara - Sulawesi. So that the territory of Indonesia including West Java has a high level of natural disaster vulnerability such as tsunami, earthquake, and volcanic eruption.

    In addition, the territory of Indonesia is also located in tropical climates, with two seasons of drought and rain, and the condition of topography surface and rocks are relatively diverse, West Java is no exception that has a topographic form of steep mountains in the south, In the central part, and the vast land area in the North, potentially causing hydrometeorological disasters such as floods, landslides, tornadoes, forest fires, to drought.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) revealed that based on West Java Provincial Social Services data, from January to April 2017, it was recorded that West Java has experienced 333 disasters, namely 136 times landslide disaster, 67 times flood, 58 times Whirlwind, 68 times fire, 3 times earthquake, and 1 times tidal wave.

    "The incident took 11 lives, 4 missing, 38,820 wounded, and 1,268 people displaced, while physical damage in the form of houses ranging from minor damage to severe number of 7,995 houses, with an estimated loss of 18 Billion, "said Demiz on Disaster Preparedness Ceremony, in the framework of the 13th Anniversary of Taruna Siaga Bencana (TAGANA) West Java Year 2017, in Horse Cavalry Detachment, West Bandung Regency, Wednesday (24/05/2017) .

    Therefore, considering the disaster caused by natural factors or non-natural factors is a difficult event to estimate accurately and precisely, the awareness and preparedness for all possible disasters need to be improved.

    Demiz added that awareness and preparedness must be done in a planned, integrated, coordinated, and comprehensive manner from the pre-disaster stage, in the event of disaster, to post disaster, including by adding and strengthening Disaster Preparedness Village, so that the impact of disaster risk can be minimized.

    "Resource and equipment-related preparedness becomes a necessity, so we can respond quickly and appropriately to disasters occurring, especially during the emergency response period or the first 72 hours covering rapid and precise data collection of location, damage and resources, determination Disaster emergency status, rescue and evacuation of victims, fulfillment of basic needs, protection to vulnerable groups, and efforts to restore vital facilities and infrastructure, "he said.

    The Director General of Social Protection and Social Security of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Harry Hikmat, admitted that TAGANA of West Java Province can carry out a mandate when West Java disaster strikes, one hour ready to be in place and always try as hard as possible, And protection for victims affected by natural disasters and social disasters.

    Lately, Harry said, looks quite concerned with some disasters that occurred in the province of West Java, from the national data there are 323 districts / cities including disaster prone, and some of them exist in West Java Province.

    "There are floods, landslides, land movements, coloring our lives in the last few months, as happened in Garut, Sumedang, Tasikmalaya, and some other places, and we see TAGANA is actually struggling to dedicate itself and make various relief efforts Militant tirelessly, this form of TAGANA maturity stepped on the age of 13 years, "he said.

    Therefore, Harry stated, the Ministry of Social is very confident that the policy that prioritizes community-based disaster management is the first and foremost management that needs to be prioritized.

    Therefore, he said, his office appreciates the West Java Provincial Government for its support and commitment to ensure that TAGANA is always ready in place, both during the prevention, handling and post disaster.

    Harry also said that the Ministry of Social opened wide space for all elements of society to become TAGANA friends.

    "We have already declared a Pramuka Siaga Bencana (Pratama), there is RAPI or Radio Republik Indonesia ready for disaster management, there are Nature Disaster Preparedness Students (MAPAGANA). Disable Disaster Preparedness (Difagana), there are also disaster preparedness journalists, even some mass organizations have also joined as a TAGANA friend, "he said. 

    In addition, said Harry, one of the important instruments in disaster management is the formation of Village Disaster Preparedness. The team leader is a trained TAGANA, to make various preparedness efforts, to ensure that when disaster strikes, people know how to help themselves, evacuate, make various efforts to manage basic needs such as managing field kitchens, and protection of vulnerable groups.

    Ceremony of TAGANA troops of West Java Provincial Level was present ceremony participants as many as 1350 members, and representatives of members of Village Disaster Preparedness as many as 150 people. 

    In this opportunity of ceremony also Ministry of Social Affairs provide one unit of public kitchen car field for Karawang regency, handover incentives Love strap for West Java TAGANA for one year worth Rp. 4,080,000,000. Ministry of Social Affairs also gave special appreciation to the Governor and Vice Governor and Social Service of West Java Province, which has provided various facilities of disaster preparedness logistics, such as the participation of West Java Provincial Government held 10 units of public kitchen and 5 water tanks through West Java Regional Budget 2016, For the achievement of the Vertical Rescue champion in 2016.

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