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    Bank Bjb Syukuran Gives Alms For Orphans / Dhuafa and Field Workers


    BANDUNG-Still in the 56th anniversary of Bank BJB, today (Wednesday, 24/5) bjb held Syukuran (Thanksgiving) titled "Syukur Jabar Untuk Negeri".

    Also attending in the event were West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Netty Heryawan, Head of West Java Province FSA, West Java Provincial Police Representative, Military Commander III Siliwangi, Head of West Java General Election Commission, Head of Bina Marga Office of West Java Province, Board of Bank BJB Commissioners Along with the Board of Directors, and the Bimbo Family which is now 50 years old.

    BJB Bank Managing Director Ahmad Irfan in his speech invites to be always grateful to Allah SWT. As a form of awareness from Bank bjb and West Java Provincial Government, this event is equipped with CSR activities in the form of giving compensation to 1500 orphans and dhuafa, giving compensation to 1000 honorary street cleaning workers, and giving 1000 Al Quran to West Java Majelis Taklim.

    "Bank BJB has a tagline of building Indonesia to understand the country. Favor for the country, namely West Java and Banten, "said Ahmad Irfan.

    Meanwhile Aher in his speech appreciated the BJB Bank performing as the best regional bank and the most profitable among other banks and received an award from Business Indonesia.

    "We encourage BJB banks to continue to advance and take sides to the small people, as much as possible giving maintained major credits, especially those need to be improved are loans for small entrepreneurs so that the people of West Java continue to advance," said Aher.

    Aher hopes that the provision of compensation like this is not only given when birthday, but can be done per quarter. "Providing compensation to orphans / dhuafa will increase bank bjb profit," said Aher.

    The granting of compensation is given to representatives of orphans and the poor, street honor workers, and Majelis Taklim symbolically given by Governor Ahmad Heryawan and Netty Heryawan.

    In addition to the provision of the show is also colored with entertainment from the Bimbo Group and Justice Voice that sings religious songs, as well as lectures / tausyiyah from Udzt. Yusuf Erick.

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