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    Ecovillage, Bendungan Villagers Do Fish Harvest From Ditch


    BOGOR REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, along with Kampung Naringgul Ciasin hamlet 10 villagers, Bendungan Village, Ciawi Sub-district, Bogor Regency do first fish harvest from ditch, which for the last year has been utilized by residents as a means of fish farming.

    The surrounding communities that have implemented Eco-Village culture, or the principle of environmentally-cultivated villages, take advantage of the Ciasin irrigation ditches that flow through the village, for the cultivation of freshwater fish. From the previous ditch that is filled with garbage, now can be perceived benefits, and enjoyed its nature by the surrounding community.

    "We do not expect, in one village like this where also having tight building here, there is a small ditch that can be utilized by the community optimally by maintaining the fish. There are carp, koi fish, I think tilapia can also be here, "Said Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), during a visit to Bendungan Village Bogor Regency, Tuesday (5/23/2017).

    Demiz said the 'craft' of the community, if developed further, could also bring economic benefits. the natural of village can be developed as a tourism potential of cultured villages environment, while fish farming community can be the capital to develop community entrepreneurship one of them in the field of culinary. The various other potentials that can still be excavated.

    Therefore, for what the people of the village do, Deddy admitted surprise, and proud, so himself on behalf of the private and provincial government of West Java to appreciate the initiation done in mutual assistance.

    "That's an example of how if we keep nature well, then nature brings a benefit or benefits in our lives," he said.

    "If developed again, this could also be a tourist area, there could also culinary here, as well as various activities that involve the community," said Demiz.

    Demiz further stated, the utilization in small ditch area as a means of fish cultivation, in West Java itself, just exist in this village. He also said the potential to duplicate similar activities, is very doable, because the water resources area in West Java everywhere.

    "We also see how to treat the river here, or the ditches as the source of life, do not littered the river with waste, with livestock manure, even destroying the quality of the river itself," he said.

    "In fact, we see that this village utilizes the river well so that it can bring benefits, and next generation will be planted to be environmentally friendly to maintain the balance of development," he continued.

    The plan, the surrounding communities will fill the ditches that flow in their village with a variety of freshwater fish up to 2 kilometers of ditch. Currently, it's about 300 meters of ditch that has been filled with fish. Each divider is about 3 meters and able to produce 100 kilograms of freshwater fish.

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