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    PLN Electricity is Ready For Ramadhan 1438 H Activity


    BANDUNG-To support religious activities, especially in the holy month of Ramadan 1438 H, West Java Distribution PLN will alert at least 483 officers and 10 detection cars spread in 15 Areas and 91 Rayon.

    This readiness for electrical reliability, which will support the spiritual activities of Muslims in West Java. A number of areas such as Bogor, Bekasi, and Majalaya have even implemented a Special Forces Operation with the technical implementers to ensure the readiness of officers and equipment. Besides that, special network examination is also conducted so that all electrical installations can be utilized optimally by the people especially in religious activities during the holy month of Ramadhan.

    The capable power of electricity supply system in West Java in Ramadan 1438 H / 2017 is 11,906 MW. Last year, the average peak load in Ramadan was 5,544 MW during the day and the average peak load at night was 6,252 MW. The highest peak load during the day is 6,613 MW and the lowest is 3,177 MW while at night, the highest peak load is 6,895 MW and the lowest is 4,239 MW. So that the power capable of electricity supply system in West Java is still very enough to sustain customer activity during fasting and other worship services.

    This is thus revealed in the release of Public Relation of PLN received jabarprov.go.id Tuesday (23/5). West Java PLN mentions, Ramadhan month generally occurs twice increase in electrical energy consumption, especially at night at 17:00 until 22:00 related to the time to break the fast and pray tarawih. Then increase again at 02.00 until 05.00 at the time of the community carry out meal sahur. This is enough to distinguish the trend of electricity consumption in the month of Ramadan compared to the usual day.
    "We have prepared the officers and the equipment, do not let the reliability of electricity become obstacles that disrupt the worship activities of customers in the month of Ramadan especially in crucial times such as sahur and break the fast," said Iwan Purwana General Manager of West Java Distribution PLN.
    Iwan also said West Java PLN intensified the supervision of reliability at key points during the Ramadan month especially in mosques with large pilgrim capacity and strategic location. (Even)

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