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    MUI: In Ramadan, Increase The Worship, Not The Consumption


    BANDUNG-With the pattern of excessive public consumption in the month of Ramadan will certainly trigger inflation. Therefore, Chairman of West Java MUI Rachmat Syafi'i asked the people of West Java not to overeat in consumption during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

    "Do not let this holy month be a month of inflation, it is not taught in Islam." Excessive attitudes are prohibited, including in the pattern of consumption "said Rachmat Shafi in the West Java Ulama Silturahim Forum before Ramadan held by West Java Bank Indonesia at Masjid Raya Bandung West Java, Tuesday (23/5).

    According Rachmat, which should be improved in Ramadan is actually worship, not consumption. Because the logic of consumption in the month of fasting should be reduced.

    "Eat only two times a day, not snacking coffee and etc. Logically it should decrease not even add, Alloh in Al Quran reminded that not excessive and have to save in every field" he said.

    West Java Ulama Silturahim Forum is attended by the caretakers of boarding schools, religious teachers and elements of West Java Province government. (Even)

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