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    Halal Vaccine Production Commitment, Bio Farma Received Visits from MUI NTB


    BANDUNG-Bio Farma is visited by Indonesian Council of Ulama or MUI of West Nusa Tenggara Province. This visit is a follow up of Immunization Socialization in Mataram some time ago by Bio Farma and the Ministry of Health.

    Prof H Saeful Muslim as the Chairman of West Nusa Tenggara MUI in his speech, "We want to know about the history of vaccine, the system, and general production process, which we will then socialize to the MUI at the district and city level in West Nusa Tenggara."

    The visit was received by Ihsan Setiadi Latief as Bio Farma Commissioner, in his speech Ihsan said, "Bio Farma is very open to receive visits from MUI, previously from other MUI who have visited Bio Farma such as Aceh MUI, Padang MUI, Kalimantan MUI, Cianjur MUI and other areas, we are already committed to the rules of Public Information Disclosure (KIP), we must be transparent, especially in the era of social media, the distribution of information diverse, if not tabayyun information obtained can be wrong, therefore information about this vaccine must be sourced directly From the manufacturer of the vaccine. "Ichsan said.

    According to Icshsan in the release of PT Bio Farma, Bio Farma has also formed an internal halal team, external halal team, and immunization advocacy team in accordance with the applicable Halal Product Guarantee Act, until now the products that have obtained halal label is meningitis vaccine, Others are still in the certification process.

    The event also filled with exposure about halal vaccine development in Bio Farma, by Iwan Setiawan, Secretary of Planning and Development Directorate of Bio Farma. (Even)

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