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    West Java Achieved Best Provincial Appreciation


    JAKARTA - West Java Provincial Government again received appreciation, this time in the iNews Maker Award 2017. West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received the award with the category "Best Provincial Appreciation" at the awards ceremony at the iNews Center Building, Kebon Sirih, Jakarta , Monday night (22/5/17).

    This is the 226th award for West Java Provincial Government. After that, West Java was also crowned as the Best Performance / National Highest Provinces based on the Evaluation of Local Government Performance (EKPPD) Performance 2016 to 2015 Provincial Government Implementation Report by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    In this event, Aher also expressed gratitude for this award. Said Aher, the appreciation is the result of the hard work of the government he leads, through cooperation with bureaucrats and other stakeholders.

    "We will make this award as a trigger of a higher spirit, to work hard for the people of West Java in particular and Indonesia generally," said Aher after receiving the award.

    The main indicator of West Java was named as the Best Performing Provinces of the administration and public service. According iNews, West Java has consistently implemented the administrative system well, so that public services can be served quickly and easily. In addition, security stability, safe, peaceful, and far from violent life are other indicators.

    Aher explained, there are innovations of public services based on information technology that has been implemented successfully. This technology is purely the work of the Provincial Government of West Java civil servants. Like three public service applications that have recently been adopted by 17 Provinces in Indonesia and became the Corruption Eradication Commission's pilot project in preventing acts of corruption. The application is a one-stop unified licensing service, an Online Employee Performance Target (SKP) application based on employee earnings improvement, and e-Samsat application.

    "The three things are then made by Corruption Eradication Commission as a national program, and the unique thing is that makes it all civil servants, not the project, I am proud of the West Java civil servants," said Aher.

    The iNews Maker Awards 2017 event is the third event held by iNews TV. This event is part of the second iNews TV Anniversary series.
    The theme of "Rising Indonesia" is chosen in iNews Maker 2017, as it coincides with May which is identical with the National Awakening Day celebration. In the assessment of role as jury is Dr. Surono, Arya Sinulingga, and Rizal Yusacc.

    In the awarding this time presented awards in six categories, namely: Public Officials Category, Social Categories, Professional Category, Phenomenal Category, Sports Category, and Lifetime Achievement Category.
    While the concept of assessment, referring to at least 1P + 3K namely: Popularity, widely known and open, and never had problems in professional activities. Pioneering, has a constructive and positive thinking in building national unity. Consistency, consistent conduct of professional ethics in daily life and have wide impact for society and encourage / develop / apply its idealism by fostering culture of love and proudly use domestic product. Expertise, achievement through a series of works, ideas, activities and services, which have proven to be of great benefit to society nationwide.

    As for the networks method, then the selection of nominators through qualitative methods by considering, as follows:
    1. Analysis of news content based on events,
    2. Authenticity of events,
    3. Based on the empirical facts of the field, and
    4. Tone of positive news.
    In addition to dedicating awards, the iNews Maker Award 2017 also provides special appreciation, namely:
    1. Appreciation of Prominent Figures of Infrastructure Development,
    2. Appreciation of Prominent Leaders of Healthy Living Community Movement,
    3. Appreciation of East Indonesia Region Builders,
    4. Appreciation of Family Hope Program Prominent 
    5. Appreciation of Top Humanitarian Institutions,
    6. Appreciation of Making Indonesia Famous Figure,
    7. Appreciation of Gold Savings Pioneer,
    8. Appreciation of Region Head Implementing Smart City,
    9. Appreciation of Pioneer Institution of Low Interest Rate Financing for Cooperatives & SMEs (LPDB),
    10. Appreciation of Provincial with Administration System,
    11. Appreciation of Innovation in the Public Service Acceleration,
    12. Appreciation of Best Companies Financing,
    13. Appreciation of Youth Program Reformers, and
    14. Appreciation of Agricultural Program Developers Figures.

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